Jaclyn loves inspiring people and loves talking business.

Her real-world experiences began at 14 with her first job as a “janitorial engineer” (okay, the janitor at her father’s office building). She worked as a waitress at a local family joint, as a retail associate for Famous Barr (now Macy’s) and then – get this one – as a Certified Heavy Machinery Equipment Operator at a local quarry. Come on, that’s bizarre. And cool.

Fast forward through college and enter the season where Jaclyn learned personalities and business etiquette herself.  What a difference it makes to understand what makes people tick and know how to behave!  She spent several years studying, observing and testing the theories as a marketing professional, television personality and motivational speaker.  She knew THIS WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL.  She had to share!

That was thirteen years and tens of thousands of people ago.

The daughter of an entrepreneur, Jaclyn understands the principles of effective business and entrepreneurship. In 2009, she and her husband, Nathan, started their own company, JNR Pool Construction.  They now also have Rowe Properties and co-own Rowe Enterprises because who doesn’t love a good house flip?  Jaclyn may also be found working alongside her father on a revolutionary waste-to-energy project.  See more at

So, the point is this: Jaclyn is ready to help.  She relates well to people and treats them with dignity and respect.  She wants to see people and companies make progress and succeed. The Power of Personality is a tool helping her do just that.


  • Facilitator Certification through Ntrinsx social intelligence platform. Intrinsic Systems, LLC.
  • Seal of American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA) – a division of Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc. (EMCI)
  • Graduate of C.L.A.S.S. (Christian Leaders authors Speakers Seminars)
  • First Step for Speakers – by Life Changers International
  • C.L.A.S.S. Personality Training and Certification
  • Advanced Personality/Speaker Training – through Personality Principles, LLC
  • Numerous certifications to present and train for Monster Worldwide, Making It Count Programs


Klinton is always looking for another adventure (as is his wife, Hannah) and another mental challenge. 

He is an avid motocross and mountain bike racer, but has also earned two master’s degrees (journalism and philosophy). He has taught classes at the collegiate level and traveled the country while working as an editor for an oil and gas industry magazine. Apart from NTRINSX, Klinton is now the marketing director for a locally owned bank and an associate pastor. 

Klint was only a freshman in college when he was introduced to the world of personality studies. As the younger brother of Jaclyn, he had no choice but to be subjected to evaluation and study. After a brief bout of you-can’t-put-me-in-a-box-ism, Klint was forced to admit that personality studies were not only accurate but incredibly beneficial. And while he didn’t pursue public speaking and personality training as a career right away, his interest in those subjects never waned and he kept on learning everything Jaclyn could pass-on.

Fortunately, Klint’s life direction became excellent prep work for NTRINSX. He learned to communicate clearly and concisely through journalism training at Mizzou; and then taught others the same as a journalism instructor for Central Baptist College. When he moved to Houston, he learned to think with precision in order to solve complex problems while earning his master’s degree in philosophy from Houston Baptist University. At the same time, he was putting his journalism skills into practice as an editor for COMPRESSORtech Magazine — a valuable experience in making sure you understand what people are actually saying because if you get it wrong, it does not go over well!

Once Klint finished his degree in Texas, he and Hannah decided it was time to move back home to their family in Missouri. Missouri is wonderful and all, but Klint is more than happy to get aw… er… travel for work to help businesses like yours!


  • Facilitator Certification through Ntrinsx social intelligence platform. Intrinsic Systems, LLC.
  • Associate Pastor, New Heights Church
  • Marketing Director, Belgrade State Bank (
  • Former Associate Editor, COMPRESSORtech2
  • Former Journalism instructor for Central Baptist College (2 years)


Jaclyn Rowe’s mission is inspiring and challenging others to make both professional and personal progress as she seeks to do the same. In addition to personality and business etiquette training, she serves people through Life in Progress Ministries. For more information on this aspect of Jaclyn’s teaching and training, please visit the website!



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